Our Story

We were farm-to-table before it was “foodie.” When chef and co-owner Frank McClelland took over Boston’s legendary L’Espalier in 1988, he pioneered a new, more honest approach to food sourcing and cooking, and popularized a hyper local, minimally processed standard for chefs across the country. FRANK forged trusted, lifelong relationships with local New England farmers that lead to the freshest seasonal ingredients, which he boldly prepared and elegantly presented in one of the world’s most celebrated restaurants.

Today, that same ethos continues with FRANK , a lower-key but no less vigorous approach to local and season-centric food. With the same farmer-first philosophy and enduring commitment to credible food origin, we are thrilled to offer an ethical, affordable and delicious option for everyday eating.


Our Approach

Many people have asked us how we’re able to run a successful restaurant that relies on sourcing local produce, grains, meats and fish, which are often not the least expensive. It’s a bigger story than what we have space to share here (we’ll explain in the cookbook!) but the short version is this: By offering our farmers consistent patronage, we give them the confidence to grow in volumes that help us both. Keeping things local reinforces profits in our own backyard, economically and ecologically. When chefs give farmers a dependable buyer, farmers give us an equally predictable crop from which to bring wholesome, raw ingredients, to you.



Chef Frank McClelland is a New England-based culinary icon known for developing the Northeast’s next generation of cooking talent. His restaurants have nurtured past Star Chefs “Rising Stars,” and others featured in network reality TV shows and industry competitions. Many of Boston’s best-known restaurants are populated with alumni mentored under Chef Frank’s tutelage.

He lives in Essex, Massachusetts with his wife and two youngest daughters.


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