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We are steadfast in our commitment to regional farmers and purveyors. And to celebrate what they grow by creating thoughtful, delicious recipes. We hope to make FRANK a part of your daily life. Grab your favorite local dishes to go from our Market & Cafe. Pair it with a nice bottle of wine and local FRANK products. By growing what we eat we are reducing the carbon footprint, by supporting local businesses we are nourishing our community and by eating wholesome food we are sustaining our health and wellness. Hungry yet?

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We cook and eat seasonally and sustainably. Juicy heirlooms in the fall, crisp spring lettuces, summer squash, winter root vegetables — each season is a chance to usher in new flavors. A chance to both renew and remember.

"and the fragrance of the earth lives in your crystalline nature."

— Pablo Neruda, Ode to the Onion

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