Carryout Meals

FRANK Market and Cafe provides minimally processed, local products for people who support reducing the carbon footprint by growing what they eat. Our market is a mecca of the finest wines, housewares, gifts and baked goods in New England. Where is the freshest package prepared food Beverly, MA has to offer you might ask? The answer is, The FRANK Retail Market and Cafe. We are your first choice food vendor and our cafe is a local favorite. For people looking for takeout meals nearby, FRANK Market and Cafe offers a variety of farm-fresh meals ready to be served on your kitchen table. Forget about processed food filled with hormones and chemicals that affect numerous natural processes. We grow our own food and bring it right to your table without going through all the factory production.


Take Out Meals

If you’re like many people these days who prefer locally sourced products, FRANK Market and Cafe is for you. For take out meals near Beverly, MA, look no further. FRANK Market and Cafe Retail and Takeout covers it all. If you only have time for a quick lunch, that’s fine too. We welcome you to visit and enjoy some of our pastries and other delectable baked goods while sipping your favorite coffee blend with friends on another gorgeous New England morning. Sample our specially prepared dishes and take home some of your favorites for your whole family to enjoy.


Packaged Foods

If you’re on the go and looking for package prepared food, Beverly MA is the place to go. FRANK Market and Cafe has your favorite curated local and products with special items that have a New England flair. We have the best carry out meals in Beverly, MA. When you consider that everything you’re eating is locally grown without chemicals or additives, you’ll be doing your part for better health and supporting a clean environment. Plan to visit The Market & Cafe for an afternoon of good food and fun. You’ll be supporting local New England farmers while bringing fresh unprocessed food to your table. Your family and friends will appreciate the fridge full of natural goodness that FRANK Market and Cafe provides. If you’re ever asking yourself, “Is there a place that has prepared food near me?”, the answer is FRANK Market and Cafe, Beverly, MA. We have everything you need.

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